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Things to do with your time instead of wasting it on social media!

I used to be the girl who was absolutely in love with social media (Facebook and  Instagram). I would spend majority of my time scrolling through news feeds, looking at “perfect” pictures and wishing I had a so called perfect life. As time went by, living my life through a screen did more harm than good. It made me feel terrible about myself because I was constantly comparing myself to random people on the internet and the wave of not being good enough took over. It seems  as if everyone out there is advertising themselves and trying to be better than everyone else. That resulted in a lot of anxiety. So in the month of January this year I quit social media. I just decided to go for it because what I really wanted was to improve the quality of my life.

Time is an invaluable resource. What we do with it is entirely up to us but in the end all of us want to be happy. We should feel good about ourselves. I came up with a bunch of ideas on how to utilise time productively and by productively I mean – improving our mental health and making life beautiful. You could try everything or just have fun with one. Either way I guarantee you that it will improve the quality of your living 😃

🌼1. Read. Read. Read.

🌼2. Blog / Journal your thoughts and ideas.

🌼3. Write down your dreams. Make them materialise.

🌼4. Find answers to questions that always puzzled you.

🌼5. Watch movies with unique stories.

🌼6. Cook / Bake.

🌼7. Create things or watch do it yourself tutorials.

🌼8. Paint/Sketch. Create more art.

🌼9. Start a collection of anything. Example – watches, jewellery or different kinds of stones.

🌼10. Learn a new language or an instrument.

🌼11. Hone your photography skills or simply observe things.

🌼12. Plan daily /weekly /monthly self care sessions.

🌼13. Discover new music.

🌼14.  Spend quality time with your loved ones.

🌼15. Get to know people personally.

🌼16. Learn a sport.

🌼17. Spend time in nature.

🌼18. Practise mindfulness.

🌼19. Travel and discover new cultures.

🌼20. Discover your talents and share them with people.

What are some of your ideas!? I would love to know them. Feel free to share them in the comments section below. Pretty living everyone ❤